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BRUT (2018)

BRUT was an exhibition at Glasgow International Biennial 2018 and Kaunas Gallery Weekend in 2019. The large scale prints were displayed on specially designed steel and concrete billboard stands. The work plays on the etymology of Brutalism and refers to ‘champagne socialism’. In Glasgow the artworks were set alongside the existing displays at Fairfield Heritage Centre – an outstanding Victorian building, which was once the epicenter of industrial Glasgow. Here, BRUT traces the history of Brutalist social housing as a direct consequence of disappearing industries. 

The video work "Time after Time" is an intuitive study of socialist structures that expands from Eastern Europe’s brutalist landscapes to Glasgow’s tower blocks, BRUT finds shared experiences to reveal the cultural legacy of these constructions. Influenced by personal experience of migration from a young post-Soviet nation, it addresses the questions of unfulfilled promises and elaborates upon how these concrete colonies come to define a certain social and cultural identity from multiple perspectives at once.

With special Thanks to Lauren Li Porter, Victoria Freund and Glasgow Autonomous Space (GAS). Also a big thank you to those that supported this project along the way: Rowan Markson, Louise Briggs, Catalina Barroso Luque, Liudmila Nemčenko, Šilainiai Project, Glasgow Print Studios, Edward Hollis and Hussein Mitha. 


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