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In the Eyes of LISA (Lithuanians in Scotland) 
The project represents one of many migrant communities that helped to build the Victorian city of Glasgow - the Lithuanians. This group was the largest after Irish and Italian migrant groups in Lanarkshire, yet their legacy and input in the economic growth of the city, therefore the built environment of the time, was not properly addressed in either cultural or academic fields. This project undertakes the roll to communicate of such legacy. "In the eyes of LISA" tells the story of Lithuanian migrant community in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in and around Glasgow and their input to the mining, steel and brickwork industries that contributed to the industrial success of Scotland. The narrative and costumes in the film of the same title were made in relation to the gathered research from Motherwell Archives, Summerlee Museum of Industrial Heritage, Scottish Mining Archives as well as interviews with remaining diaspora members. 

The work was exhibited at Civic Room gallery in Glasgow and as part of Lithuanian Days in Scotland programme in 2019. Installation objects were kindly supplied by Summerlee Museum of Industrial Heritage. Additional written piece on the topic could be found at Tribune Journal online 

With thanks to Cait Mcglinchey and her family, Alan Poutney, James D. White, Gintare Venzlauskaite, Daina Bytautiene, The Lithuanian Social Club Bellshill, Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life – Culture NL, National Mining Museum Scotland, Motherwell Heritage Centre, Professor David Smith and the CEES department at the University of Glasgow, “Saduta” Lithuanian folk group and Bereyozka Ltd shop for their input and support of the project. Special thanks to the install team Amelia Bywater, Hussein Mitha and Ambroise Leclerc.


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